She is beauty on her own
The way she touch her lips
The way she move her hips
Always make me want to get down

If, you describe beauty, it is her
Sometimes i'm afraid to ruin her goodness
By touching her, even caress her hair
But sorry, I can't care less

There she is now, smile in her kindness
To be hers or to be mine
Seduce her, but don't make a mess
Because these days, she's in my mind

I, man under time
Should look her with my own rhyme
Since she is a dime
I should go to her, and make a good aim

I touch and start to kiss
A song played when our lips met
I know, someday, this moment I'll miss
Before I sleep, before I go to bed

You don't know what you have done to me
In a very unusual way, I fall in love in you
You don't know what is it like to be me looking at you
Yet, I still want to play this part as me

How can I forget the beauty of you?
Once you touch my soul with your kiss
In a very unusual time, I fall in love
In a very unusual place, I fall in you

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